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"hi everyone i am writing this review after having fitted the armstrong ie the cheapest suzuki jimny steering damper sold on this site. I bought the 2006 car a year ago as I needed the four wheel because of where i live. i had never driven a 4x4. my jimny came with wider than proscribed tyres, which i wrongly thought would add stability (physics proves otherwise!). The car felt very unsafe at first as it seemed to swerve/veer off at odd times and i felt i might wander over into an oncoming lorry on narrow country roads which I have to drive on to get anywhere. I felt it was not me controlling the vehicle so it was really frightening.So I went to Suzuki dealer. they put it up and we looked at the chassis from below, it turned out it had a steering damper thingy on it, which the mechanic said was not fitted from the factory, after a test driving it he agreed it felt unusual, so he recommend I remove the steering damper. As I was still a new driver of this car I could not really feel any difference but some time later I started getting violent shaking of the car, it did not happen everytime but when it did it was generally at 60-70kms/hrs. This was again very frightening and it felt like I had been sold a crash car or something. I went to lots of mechanics/garages and did my own internet research of what I would understand to be 'DEATH WOBBLE'. I had to drive far sometimes and it was so stressful as I tried to stay under 60 and on the motorway that is just not possible in this country. As no one could tell me what was causing the violent shaking, mostly on deceleration but also at other times ie just hitting 60, I felt I had been conned and lost the cost of thousands of pounds. Eventually one 'master' mechanic suggested I put the steering damper back on, but by then I had thrown it away. he explained it would not sort the cause of the vibration/resonance/breaks trying to equalise/balance but it would stop the symptoms. I searched and searched and consulted suzuki but all to no avail ie could not actually find the proper part ie the correct steering damper for over half a year. Eventually I found this site and ordered the cheapest (armstrong) steering damper. It took the mechanics 20 mins to fit (jimnybits sent the part by TNT tracked for no extra when I asked for this) and since then it is a great drive and I feel so much better. No more 'death wobble'. So much safer. sometimes I can just faintly feel the old shaking just letting me know the damper is eliminating the vibration that once was. I almost rejected the car due to the shaking- not an option financially. So happy I found the part - eventually, here, so want to let everyone out there with my problem: A CURE FOR DEATH WOBBLE, THANK GOD!!! Thanks to all at Jimnybits."
By Susan
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Shogun / Pajero 60mm Lift Kit
Location: Shortcut to Homepage -Other 4x4 Models-Mitsubishi-Pajero / Shogun-Shogun / Pajero 60mm Lift Kit
Shogun / Pajero 60mm Lift Kit

Product Information

Mitsubishi Shogun / Pajero 60mm Lift Kit

For years (91-00)

A full lift set of premium quality lift springs and shock absorbers along with associated hardware.

Comes with full set of instructions from trialmaster

Trail Master kits are specifically engineered for each 4x4.

These are products "Made in Europe, for Europe". For example, many  springs are designed for the American market and are then sold in the UK because the length is correct to fit a UK vehicle, no regard is paid as to whether they are actually suitable for that vehicle.

Complete with TUV certificate

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Price: £532.98 excludes VAT
£639.58 includes VAT
Brand: Trail Master

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Product Code: MITR33
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